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Hercules Trophy Vilnius 2017

1 day - 12 labours
teams of 5 -7 members
European Center
Golf Club September 23, 2017


Hercules Trophy is a super charged inter-team multi-sporting day, which builds camaraderie, embraces networking and promotes company loyalty.

Company teams are made of 5-7 employees. They are challenged in 12 labours throughout the day. 15 minutes are given to accomplish each labour. 4 team members compete at any of the labours, while the rest can engage in strategizing or get some rest and support their teammates.

Anybody can participate! No special skills or physical condition is required. Victory is achieved not only by pure strength and agility but also through creativity, teamwork, logic.

Company executives are invited to the special VIP petanque tournament. They do not have to be part of the team.

Hercules Trophy is not only a sport. Participants are fed throughout the day, there is an award ceremony and afterparty with a DJ.


Hercules Trophy Vilnius 2016 results

why participate?

12 challenges

12 different, exciting challenges for each team. It is not the muscles but best teamwork that leads to victory! To accomplish the labours you will need logical thinking, physical endurance, team spirit and some luck.

5-7 person teams

You do not have to be a super athlete - anyone can participate! For female participants - extra points! 4 teammates participate in any of the challenges.

Crowd of fans

Bring your colleagues, friends and family members. All fans can come and support their teams. Entry for adults is with a small fee (children till 18 are for free). Advance registration required.

Quality food

Team packet includes light breakfast, lunch, snack, delicious BBQ for dinner, water, and refreshing drink during each meal. Food can be ordered for fans as well.

New connections

New friends and business networks. Introduce yourself and be visible, connect with new and strengthen existing network. Top management invited to VIP petanque tournament.

Exciting Afterparty

Afterparty! Celebrate with your company in the most fun afterparty. DJ will play great music.

Since we grew out of the age when one wishes to win at any cost, we have managed to spent time very well in Hercules Trophy. We have overcome our personal and team obstacles. We gave 100% of our effort even if we saw that we have no chance against those young athletic men. We are proud of our team. Participation in such event consolidates the team even more.

Inga Navickaitė
Ece Projektmanagement Vilnius, UAB

We needed an event like this in Lithuania for a long time.

Martynas Kairys
Sumani lapė, UAB

Overall - the event is excellent.

Alfredas Jasiulionis
Švyturys-Utenos alus holding, UAB

I could not image a better way to spend time with my colleagues.

Tautvydas Druskis
Serfas, UAB

Hercules Trophy became the most memorable event for our company. It has brought lots of positive emotions and drive to seek for better results next year.

Simas Zikaras
Omega Technology, UAB

how to join?

Create a team of 5 - 7 members
Choose a Captain
Add at least 1 female player

find Team mates

Find colleagues, customers, partners... to join team. Everybody can participate!

Regardless of age, gender, weight or cultural background! No athletic skills required!

Diversity is an asset!


create team identity

Team Name & description

No the "A-team" is not a cool name. Be original!

Outfit and flag

Symbols are very powerful to maintain combative spirits! Differentiate yourself!


Come up with a cool slogan for you team


Don't choose “The Eye of the Tiger”, “We are the Champions”. Go for an original song that describes your team spirit!


Make a cool picture of the team

Check out the labours
Choose your favorite labour

Decide on joker - the labour that you plan to do well on


Invite senior executives for the CxO petanque and earn more points


Prepare for victory

Check out the planning
Challenge other teams online

Collect online votes and cheers from supporters for your team


127 EUR per person
890 EUR per team

Price plus VAT
Team consists of 5-7 people


Team registration

Has your company participated in Hercules Trophy before? Don't have company account? Fill the form below. You will receive confirmation of registration and login details by email within one working day.

If you already have an account, please register by pressing "Sign In" button in the menu bar.

First name
Phone number
Last name
Company name
I want to receive news and updates to my Email

for participants


Team registration. Breakfast and logical tasks
Captains meeting
Warm up and opening ceremony
1-4 Hercules labours
(15 min. each, 15 min. - break)
5 - 8 Hercules labours
(15 min. each, 15 min. - break)
Afternoon snack (snacks)
Executive VIP petanque tournament
9-12 Hercules labours
(15 min. each, 15 min. - break)
Snack and Recreation
Dinner and Awards
Party with DJ


Labours of this year will be announced one month before event
Team cube

Your team must roll a giant cube. Teamwork is essential to do well.

burbulų futbolas
Survival raft

You will make your own raft and use it on real water course. Will your team shine at it?

Bubble soccer

Soccer is an easy game? Well, try doing that inside a large inflatable ball. A doze of great emotions is guaranteed!

kliūčių ruožas
Obstacle course

36-meter-long obstacle course will require not only speed but also endurance and team unity. It is very powerful and passionate labour.

Intelligent transporters

Negotiate special course on an intelligence transporter - a fun challenge. Team members will need to prove that they are best drivers of this transport mean.

Stand up and paddle

Do you know how to balance? Best teams may stay dry but it won't be less fun for those who try it first time...

blitz golfas
Blitz golf

Golf is usually played for hours. European Center Golf Club invites you to play blitz golf tournament during winners will become clear in minutes!

montis magia issukis
Bėk ir rišk rungtis
Run and tie

Are your teammates' fingers agile enough to win this relay race? Will your hands stay strong under pressure?

Montis Magia challenge

Can you climb a mountain effortlessly? Maybe you have never done that? Montis Magia challenge will test and teach you both. Remember Spiderman's skills.

pripučiamas futbolas

What would happen if table soccer figures come alive? Even if you don't believe in miracles, you will be able to see that for yourself.

Komandos dėlionė
Šaulio iššūkis
Rifleman's challenge

Riflemen Union will prepare a challenge to test your speed, agility, power and team unity. Remember, the weakest link is strength of your team.

Team puzzle

What is the moto on the puzzle? Here you will need to show sharp mind, strong communicatioon skills and good leadership.

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